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What you can find here:

Memorial plaques and signs:

Wooden plaques or signs vary in size based on the text and graphics. For instance the Custom Seabee plaques are approximately 7”x 17” x ¾” thick. The Snipe signs are about 13” x 6” x ¾”.  Memorial signs can be larger and often are based on the amount of information required. This affects pricing and shipping cost as well.

Engraved acrylic LED Signs.

     The acrylic signs are either 3/8” x 6” high x 9” wide or 3/8" x 12" high x 18" wide, sitting in a wooden base that is larger to support the acrylic. The base contains the LEDs. Additional signs can be purchased without the base as it is easy to swap out the acrylic signs and these can be changed for different holidays or events.

     Equestrian related items.

     Stall signs, memorials for horses and riders, boot jacks, awards, bridle holders, and so on to name a few.  The equestrian signs range in size from as small as 16 x 6, to 72 x 14 inches. 

     Other items custom made for.

     Anniversaries, weddings, graduations, birthdays, holidays, retirement, as well as stools and benches, bird houses, yard swings, cradles, to name some.

When I get it up and running, online ordering will be in place at:

Until then, please email me: or call me at 269-281-2007

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